Gozo Wrecks

Location: Xatt l-Ahmar (South Side)
Dive Type: Shore / Boat Dive

Xlendi Wreck used to be a ferry, crossing between the 2 islands.  It was sunk for divers in 1999 but it landed upside down.  It is standing on a sandy bottom at 42 metres with the hull upturned at 35 metres of depth. This wreck was recently labelled as lubricate; hence it is no longer safe to explore.


On the 12th August 2006 two other wrecks were sunk in this area: “Karwela” and “Comino Land”.  Karwela’s wreck is 58 metres long and lays at a depth of 40 metres. Below you can see some pictures of the wreck, and also of the Comino Land; this wreck sunk at a depth of 35 metres is another spectacle one could admire at this diving site…