Double Arch

Location: Xwejni (North Side)
Dive Type: Shore / Boat Dive

After surfacing for about 7 minutes, we descend on a reef, 10 to 13 metres deep.  Heading north into beautiful blue water, in less than a minute, out of nowhere we will be seeing  2 stunning, beautiful arches, one on top of the other. Experienced divers can pass through the lower arch, reaching around 38 to 40 metres.  Less experienced divers can go through the upper arch.  The scenery surrounding Double Arch is breathtaking and you can see lots of different species of marine life. Leaving this site, we will head to a beautiful reef, where it is very famous to watch tuna hunting.  The amount of little fish you will see on this reef is uncountable.  We don’t surface back but we will finish this dive at the same entry point.  Quite frankly, for me this is one of my favourite dives on Gozo, so I highly recommend it.